Our Family of Wines

Napa Valley Selections

Our most popular and accessible wines, these complex blends focus on Napa Valley’s best varieties from our five estate vineyards.  These wines demonstrate Grgich Hill’s signature style: food-friendly, balanced and elegant. 


Miljenko's Selection

Reserved primarily for our wine club members and winery visitors, these wines showcase the unique varietal characteristics from single vineyard blocks personally selected by Miljenko “Mike” Grgich.

Legacy Selections

Available primarily at our tasting room, these are our most exclusive and sought-after wines which focus on the varietals most associated with Mike Grgich’s legendary accomplishments, crafted from the oldest vines in our estate vineyards.


Grgich Hills Estate is an iconic Napa Valley winery, consistently producing world-class winesCommitted to natural winegrowing and sustainability, we farm our five certified organic estate vineyards without artificial pesticides or herbicides, rely on wild yeast fermentation and use our passion and art to handcraft food-friendly, balanced and elegant wines. Our portfolio of wines consist of three distinct tiers.

Ivo on Farming Practices

Flavors from Soil

The flavor of wine captured in the wine glass starts with the grapes which are fed by the nutrients found in the vineyard soil.

Organic Farming and Terroir

The concept of terroir is rooted in the idea of place. Organic farming allows the land to be unadulterated, thus the wine will show the true essence of the vineyard.

Fighting Diseases with Healthy Soil

Only healthy soil can promote healthy vines. Farming organically ultimately helps prevent against disease in the vineyard.

Beyond Winemaking

Great wine begins in the vineyard. As a farmer you want to do right by the land and be proud of what you grow and produce.

Long term vineyard health

A healthy, organically grown vineyard is far more profitable in the long-term. Vineyards that are not chemically farmed can survive longer, providing fruit for decades.

Healthy Microbes, healthy Plants

Healthy microbes in the soil prepare necessary nutrients that feed the vines. Happy, healthy vines reward us with wonderfully tasting grapes.

Fighting Pollution

We see pollution everywhere these days. Organic farming reduces contaminated water runoff as well as CO2 emissions.

Feeding and Encouraging Microbes

You have to feed cows every day, it’s a no brainer, but we never think about feeding microbes. So you have to feed them and in return they work with plants.

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