2018 Violetta, Late Harvest, Napa Valley

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Sauvignon Blanc

The Wine

Luscious, ripe fruit aromas of dried peach and candied orange slices follow through on the palate with undertones of sweet flowers, honey, and a hint of petrol. Accentuated by uplifting acidity, these dense, ripe fruit flavors beautifully balance the residual sugar. The finish is creamy and complex with a pleasant minerality on the aftertaste. Violetta is spectacular when paired with desserts, or served all by itself to end a special meal.


The 2018 vintage was a bountiful vintage marked by cool, consistent temperatures and a timely rainfall for budbreak in March and April. Harvest began on September tenth, and the grapes were of the highest quality with lower alcohol and high acidity. Our Violetta, Late Harvest benefits from rain which came in early October, setting the stage for favorable growing conditions for Botrytis cinerea, a mold that evaporates moisture while concentrating flavors in the berry.


The grapes were grown at the lowest point of our American Canyon vineyard, where we’ve discovered the perfect conditions of low-lying fog to grow botrytis-affected grapes. In two small blocks we planted a field blend that’s predominantly Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling with some Gewürztraminer and nurtured it to encourage botrytis. Because of the unpredictable nature of botrytis, this wine takes a tremendous amount of work, including several passes to pick individual clusters as they become cloaked in mold that creates this unique richness and flavor in the wine.

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