2016 Violetta, Late Harvest

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The Wine

Our classically-produced late harvest wine is the result of Botrytis cinerea, a beneficial mold that evaporates moisture while concentrating the flavor in the berry but yielding very little juice when we press the grapes. We fermented the thick, rich juice and then aged the wine in French oak to develop its subtle flavors and textures. Luscious, ripe fruit aromas of sweet pear, candied pineapple and ripe honeydew melon follow through on the palate with undertones of white flowers melded with balsamic notes and a hint of petrol. Accentuated by uplifting acidity, these dense, ripe fruit flavors beautifully balance the residual sugar. The finish is creamy and complex with a refreshing, lingering minerality. Violetta is spectacular when paired with desserts, such as fruit tarts, creme brulee, and rich cheeses, or serve it all by itself to end a special meal.