Father’s Day is Sunday, and if you are looking for a memorable gift for the wine-loving dad in your life, think about giving him a present that just might last longer than a bottle of wine — like a book about wine.

 Just in time for Father’s Day, there are several new books that appeal to a wide range of “tastes.” Here are several recommendations that will keep dear old dad entertained long after a bottle of wine is empty.
In celebration of his 93rd birthday, Napa Valley icon Miljenko “Mike” Grgich has released his memoir, “A Glass Full of Miracles.” The book was written with Napa Valley Register editor Sasha Paulsen, and it chronicles the long and storied life of a young Croatian boy whose search for freedom and the chance to fulfill his American dream led him through countless hardships to become one of the most beloved winemaking legends in history.
Grgich, the youngest in a family of 11, studied oenology and viticulture at Croatia’s University of Zagreb with the goal of making great wine. While he was a student, a professor whispered to him about California, a paradise where winemakers were free to make the best wine possible.

Just before graduating, he fled Croatia to escape communism. With $32 sewn in his shoe, Grgich finally arrived in California after four years of adversity and uncertainty. The book transports readers along Grgich’s journey from communism to freedom, becoming a California winemaker and earning his place as a Napa Valley icon, including his induction into the Vintners Hall of Fame. $40



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