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Grgich Hills Estate | Napa Valley

Vintage report August 2016

Chardonnay turning luminescent in our American Canyon Vineyard

Ivo Jeramaz, our Vice President of Vineyards and Production, reports the vines look very healthy so far, with no sign of mildew or other diseases.

We just finished placing our bird netting over the vines in American Canyon. As the grapes ripen and increase sugar content, birds view them as a free meal.

With the recent heat spikes we have had to water our Sauvignon Blanc that is planted in sand in American Canyon. The plant would survive without additional water, but we are concerned about retaining the beautiful aromatics, which can be lost with excessive heat and dehydration.

We are planning on harvest starting on Friday, August 19th, so make sure you’re on the crush pad at 10am to enjoy our 39th Blessing of the Grapes.

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