Grgich Hills Estate Winery


The king of chardonnay. Napa Register

May 22, 2015

By L Pierce Carson Validated not once but twice on the international stage, Mike Grgich is indubitably the king of chardonnay. Two of his chardonnays were judged the best from both New and Old World cellars by panels of learned wine experts with credentials that’d make an Army general’s fruit salad pale by comparison. Most […]

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Grgich revisits crowning of Chardonnay king. CHICAGO WINE JOURNAL

May 13, 2015

By Lawrence B. Johnson It was 35 years ago that Miljenko Grgich, a gifted but as yet little-known winemaker from Croatia, soared to center stage in American viticulture with a stunning triumph at a world-wide Chardonnay competition in Chicago. Grgich’s 1977 Napa Valley Chardonnay, the first he’d produced under his own name, beat out 220 […]

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Questions and answers on reported dangerous levels of arsenic in wine

March 24, 2015

Background: A class action lawsuit was recently filed in the California Superior Court alleging that certain wines pose a risk to consumers because they contain trace amounts of arsenic. The laboratory that did tests, BeverageGrades, showed some wines had arsenic levels higher than those allowed in California for drinking water. Its press release says: “BeverageGrades […]

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Mike Grgich: The King of California Chardonnay;

March 12, 2015

Winemakers have much in common with fingerprints, each leaving their own indelible impression on everything they touch, a considerable amount of which isn’t always instantly detected. Although experts agree on few things in the wide world of wine, almost all concede that wine is born in the vineyard but shaped by the winemaker, often in […]

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Power Duos-Napa Sonoma Magazine

February 17, 2015

Miljenko and Violet Grgich — Father and Daughter Grgich Hills Estate, Rutherford Violet Grgich’s father, Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, crafted some of America’s most legendary wines while she was growing up, including the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay that beat out the highly touted French wines at the Paris Tasting in ’76. So it comes as no […]

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Grgich Hills Estate celebrates the 35th anniversary of The Great Chicago Chardonnay Showdown

January 15, 2015

Chicago Tribune called 1977 Chardonnay “The Best Chardonnay in the World”  Rutherford, California /January 15, 2015  In 1980 “The Great Chicago Showdown” brought together 221 of the best Chardonnays from around the world.  Chardonnays from France, California, New York and even Bulgaria were collected for a historic first, the largest blind tasting of that time […]

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Future Croatian winemakers benefit from Mike Grgich giving back to his homeland

November 21, 2014

Winners of the Miljenko Grgich Scholarship Fund at the University of Zagreb in Croatia finally met their benefactor in the Legacy Room at Grgich Hills Estate on November 18.  Vintners Hall of Fame inductee Miljenko “Mike” Grgich is a graduate of the University of Zagreb’s Department of Viticulture and Enology. In 2013 he donated one […]

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Winemaker Interview: Miljenko ‘Mike’ Grgich: By Stacy Slinkard Wine Expert.

September 18, 2014

Founder of Grgich Hills Estate and pioneering winemaker, Miljenko ‘Mike’ Grgich’s career in the Napa Valley has traced the evolution of the region’s best wines. From a mere 25 wineries in the late 1950s to over 500 wineries strong today, Napa Valley’s wine story and Mike Grgich’s personal and professional winemaking narrative find an inspiring […]

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Spotlight on Grgich’s Yountville Selection Cabernet: The Weekly Calistogan

September 11, 2014

By Anne Ernst. Before he moved to Calistoga Miljenko “Mike” Grgich lived on the estate where a storied vineyard grows that produces the grapes for his winery’s Yountville Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, a vertical collection of which was showcased to a group of wine writers late last month. “It is the second oldest cab vineyard in […]

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Floral, fruitful flavors makes Grgich Hills Fume Blancs irresistible: New Jersey Star Ledger

September 11, 2014

Wine with John Foy. Miljenko (Mike) Grgich is probably the reason why you like fume blanc wine. Grgich (pronounced GUR-gich) joined the Robert Mondavi winery in 1968, when selling sauvignon blanc was a challenge because the grape was unknown and the wine had a sweet edge. He created a dry sauvignon blanc in oak barrels, […]

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