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Can I Have multiple PayPal Account

A Personal account is typically used for shopping online and bill payments. You can also use this for accepting personal payments from close friends, Such as payment for shared rent or dividing dinner bills. If your are planning to use PayPal to accept payments for goods and services you sell online, A Premier account is preferred. Premier balances are for casual sellers, Or for non businesses who would like to receive cheap jerseys buyer payments. Business accounts interestingly, Offer more features for large vendors such as allowing access of up to 200 employees as well a PayPal account under a group or company name.

Although you can have one Personal and one Premier or Business Account at PayPal, You can add more than one email back. You can also have separate bank account or credit card attached to an account. The only restriction is, If the bank-account or credit card is already associated to one account, you won’t attach it to a second PayPal account.

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