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pampered with paige

I can wait to focus on it, I am beyond animated, however, really easy to implement shut this domain down until we launch the new site. So for instance, I taking other month off from blogging. A blogging hiatus if you will.

You can still match me by checking my 923NOW page. I be posting new material daily.

Have fantastic holiday! See in pick up,

PS: treats PURPLE,Baby it’s cold exterior to

I woke up early today with plans to take the dogs for a walk. Umm, sure, youth nfl jerseys
Not encountering. It turning cold out and I a wuss.

yesterday evening I met up with Nicole at Seasons 52 for din. We almost shut the place down, haha. we ended up there at 8 and didn leave until 11, that quite a few gossip catching up and now I have no voice. legitimate.

Today includes doing a whole lot of nothing. Because my collaborators in crime aren coming :0( Ang is in Cape Cod and Danielle has agreements. reckon no Starbs after? Double boo,

BLOG announcements,

We procuring closer. Tomorrow I picking out a new header and then I think we be good to go. I HATE the layout/color/pictures on the blog and can wait to ditch it. You will love the new format I hope.

Totally off the subject, But seen of Abdominal cuts? Kendra Wilkenson involves them. I so fulfilled it Friday, I having din din with my buddy Nicole aka “Nic the online market place Chick” On my old radio station Q102. We using Seasons 52, I need a months fix bad, So tonight are going to super fun.

last week bridal soiree in Ridgewood, NJ was fantastic. I met a lot sweet brides to be and sampled you will find kind of appetizer they had. Market Basket specific and their food was crazy good. Deana, aka Queen Buzz joined me for a fab nights eating our faces off in wholesale nfl jerseys
North jersey. Ridgewood is good-looking, And I was told the celebs who live up in that possition Rev Run, RHONJ, Diddy, the author Z, margaret J, Brook Sheilds shop at your garden State Plaza. I think this warrants another journey with my friend Danielle, ha.

ok, Off set up the day! produce a fab Friday!

lengthiest. Week. in your life.

do you know of when my schedule is booked every day throughout the week, the period go by so slow? Shouldn it be the alternative? It need to be Friday already.

for dinner I hosting a huge Bridal Soiree! Yay for new brides, if you live in North jersey, And are getting married, You will definitely want to stop by. There destined to be tons of stuff going on. Everything and anything to consider about planning the perfect wedding will be here! the purpose of this event is to raise money for Wish Upon A Wedding NJ. General admission is only $10 and VIP tix will be sold for $40 which should include a fab gift bag. may seem fun right? Hope to see you there.

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