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20 Marines Face Possible disciplining them harshly Over Hazing At Parris Island

The investigative report linked the hazing activities at Parris Island to the March 18 death of one young recruit, Raheel Siddiqui. Military administrators say Siddiqui killed himself, But this week Siddiqui’s family released a statement through their lawyer discouraging that idea.

“It’s impossible for his loved ones to accept that he took his own life, law firm Shiraz Khan said, depending on Detroit Free Press.

“He became a Pakistani immigrant from Detroit. He was called a terrorist by his drill trainer. Saddiqui spoke of suicide while he was there and later recanted.

“an easier time locating Siddiqui said he was sick, The drill driving instructor forced him to run. Siddiqui dropped, formed crying. The drill mentor slapped him hard, And the recruit right ran and jumped off a third story deck, murdering himself.

“In an additional case, A Muslim recruit was questioned about his religion, Whether he was section of the 9/11 attacks. And he was placed in an industrial dryer by a drill instructor who turned it on consistently, cheap jerseys

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Tom said the pattern of abuse was in one battalion at the education center. The report characterized the battalion commander, a complete lieutena hugent colonel, basically “A toxic innovator” Who created an environment of abuse.

The pattern exercises back for years, Tom considered, long before the death of Siddiqui, who had been 20. There’s no indication the abuse was widespread outside the one battalion, He experienced.

“The drill instructors should be very tough, to be able to, But the Marine drill instructor creed says they’ll show by their own example the standards of personal conduct, Morality and top notch skill, Tom discussed. The report also calls for greater oversight to train activities at Parris Island, in line with the Associated Press.

The AP has more on what is predicted to happen next:

“Some of the 20 commanders and senior enlisted leaders happen to be fired, Including the three most senior Marines in command of the recruit’s unit. The Marines also ordered that the rest be temporarily relieved, to be able to a statement sent to The Associated Press. Discipline could range from admin punishments, Such as advice, To the most unfortunate action of military charges and courts martial.

“No formal charges were filed. Under military law, A preliminary hearing must be held that will determine whether the incident warrants further administrative or judicial action in every individual’s case. That course of action could take weeks to months, And the individuals couldn’t survive identified unless they are formally charged,

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