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Back from negitively effect, Swagger and Mysterio are in an evident stand off. They lock up and Swagger powers Mysterio to corner. Mysterio avoids a clothesline and provides him some shoulderblocks. In the contrary corner, Mysterio will get a boot up and climbs. strut stops him but ends up getting bulldogged. touch on briefly gets two. Mysterio ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody for two more. He leaps over Swagger and hooks up with a kick before setting him up for a 619. Swagger retreats to the exterior and avoids it. Mysterio will try for a springboard, But Swagger takes his legs out and troubles him in the ropes. Swagger takes favour and ties him up, Putting air pressure on the leg. way back in, swagger drops

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the knee on the mat. He heads back out and rams the leg to the ringpost. on the, He covers for two and takes Mysterio for a corner. He wraps the knee around the center rope and kicks at it. Mysterio falls to the side and Swagger follows. He rams him included with the announce table, compelling Booker to pull a CM Punk: “now there are goes my Red Bull, Swagger taunts before tossing Mysterio back inside where he connects the Running, Leaping strut Bomb for two. He slows things backpedal with a legbar. He drops an elbow on the knee and clubs at your head. include gets two. swagger gives Mysterio a big biel, Something Booker is informed about a lot about. He tries to phone another Running, Leaping swagger Bomb, But Mysterio rolls remote. He climbs to the middle rope and comes down with a tornado DDT. insurance gets Mysterio two. online back-up, Mysterio gets Swagger into position for the 619 but Swagger catches him by the legs on the performance. He applies the Anklelock in the ropes then pulls him straight into the ring. Mysterio flips from it and kicks Swagger in the shoulder. talk about ends it.

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